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Mental health services and entrepreneurial wellness tools that invite and empower change, for good.

Who is Good Works Collective?

We are Good Works Collective – a community of clinically licensed therapists, and leading entrepreneurial coaches, helping people find joy in life and in business.

Individual & Group Psychotherapy

Receive compassionate therapy from a licensed mental health professional.

Business & Entrepreneurial Coaching

Explore harmony in business and life with business therapy.

Hackmatack Retreat

Find serenity when you attend an onsite workshop or host your own.

Heart, Mind, Body, Career

Good Works Collective helps you breathe, run faster, slow down, break up, get together, push harder, walk slower, focus in, and expand – all with compassion.

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Get started with Good, Works.

It takes to courage to move forward

Coming to Good Works Collective for mental health counseling?

You can expect affirmative, trauma-informed therapy services from a licensed mental health practitioner (for individuals, relationships, families, and groups).

Coming to Good Works Collective for business coaching?

You can expect kind and unorthodox, accountability and performance based coaching (for individuals, groups, and teams).

Below are answers to the most common questions we receive from clients:

Good, Works is made up of 3 things: mental health therapy, entrepreneurial coaching, and Hackmatack retreat center.

Our therapist and coaches take both virtual and in person appointments.

If you are struggling with your mental health, depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. start with mental health therapy, first.

If your mental health is okay but your business isn’t, start with a business coaching.

The rate varies between Each Good, Works Collective therapist and coach.

Contracts are not required.

Booking is reserved for current clients first. If you are not a current client space may be limited due to availability but we gladly consider all requests.

Good, Works Collective licensed mental health professionals accept some insurances. More information can be found here.

Good, Works Collective business coaches do not accept insurance. More information can be found here.

Welcome to Hackmatack Retreat Space

A retreat space on the outskirts of Chicago, in Richmond, IL.

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