Conflict Resolution

We believe conflict is the secret source of every healthy person / family / team / business.  

We believe where there isn’t conflict, there isn’t much of anything worthy. 

We believe you can never stay neutral on a moving train and trying to do so is fake news.  

We believe conflict is ALWAYS navigated by emotional management and you can never begin emotional management until you have sat firmly in the seat of awareness.  

Conflict awareness is the knowledge or perception of a situation or fact. 

Conflict resolution is doing something about it. 

Conflict awareness is desperately wanting to avoid turbulence.

Conflict resolution is showing up doing the work.

Conflict awareness is being up all night feeling the heat of the room and the knowing certainty that you don’t know how to speak without offending, or acting without hurting and everything feels on-the-line.

Conflict resolution is showing up anyway and trying again, deeply listening, making amends and speaking the truth as you know it in this now moment.  

Conflict awareness is when you realize you’ve avoided the difficult conversations that are long overdue and roadblocks to your tomorrows.

Conflict resolution is sitting with the person and making a long list of agreements on all the things you love and admire about each other so that you can continue the relationship even while holding some opposing views.

 Conflict awareness is the moment you begin realizing that the word “ordinary” and “standard” and “regular” are deeply subjective and skewed toward a white, male, heterosexual, middle-class perspective.  

Conflict resolution is when you stop taking various perspectives for granted and become extreme in the practice of a right speech and compassion practice. 

Conflict awareness is agreeing to do something and believing that your actions were noble and solid, believing you handled the situation with integrity and to the best of your ability.  

Conflict resolution is being willing to look back again with new eyes and a new perspective and a deepened practice and reassess, take stock, make amends where necessary, re-commit, and also be willing to sit in the uncomfortableness of the areas where we will remain in disagreement. 

Conflict awareness is wishing things were different, wishing nobody was hurt, wishing you had room for everyone always, wishing your actions were perfect.

Conflict resolution is accepting the reality of the present moment while forgiving yourself and others while still holding them accountable, and working every fucking minute in a hell-bent manor to make tomorrow better.  

We specialize in helping you and your tribes EMBRACE, BENEFIT AND GROW from all forms of conflict including but not limited to:

  • Workplace Conflicts: Disputes between employees, managers, or teams that are affecting productivity, collaboration, or the work environment.
  • Family Conflicts:  Disagreements among family members, such as parent-child conflicts, sibling rivalries, etc etc etc.
  • Business Partnership Disagreements: Conflicts arising between business partners over decision-making, financial matters, or the direction of the company.

  • Contractual Disputes: Disagreements between parties involved in a contract, such as vendors and clients, landlords and tenants, or business partners.
  • Disputes in Nonprofit Organizations: Conflicts within nonprofit boards, between staff and management, or with stakeholders over organizational goals and strategies.
  • Customer and Company Disputes: Conflicts between customers and businesses regarding products, services, warranties, or billing issues.

  • Interpersonal Conflicts: Disagreements between individuals involving personal relationships, misunderstandings, or differing values.

  • Cross-Cultural or Cross-Team Conflicts: Conflicts arising due to cultural differences, miscommunications, or clashes between different teams within an organization.

  • Workplace Harassment or Bullying: Situations where one or more individuals feel targeted or oppressed in a work or social environment.

  • Group Facilitation: When groups need assistance in making decisions, brainstorming, or resolving internal conflicts.

  • Online Disputes: Mediation or resolution of conflicts that arise in online communities, social media platforms, or e-commerce settings.

Our holistic blend of failures and successes from various industries will help you bypass learning curves, avoid pitfalls, and navigate to success with sturdy ease, joy, and profit.

These situations can be complex and emotionally charged, making the intervention of an experienced mediator or conflict resolution specialist valuable in finding constructive solutions and restoring positive relationships.

Our conflict management approach goes beyond surface-level discussions. We listen to both sides, uncovering the true breakdowns and pushing past ego-driven barriers.

Our secret lies in our ability to listen deeper and wider than anyone else. We hold the highwatch for the greatest good, focusing on the long-term outcomes rather than the fleeting emotions of the moment. By breaking down fixed positions and challenging limiting beliefs, we create space for unity, connection, collaboration, and a shared vision to come alive.

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